Mt Tagapo Traverse

Mt Tagapo Traverse Dayhike in Talim Island, Cardona-Binangonan, Rizal


We’ve climbed this mountain last May 2011, sitting at the heart of Laguna de Bay where Talim Island is located bounded by 2 towns of Rizal Province; Cardona and Binangonan Town. The mountain rises 438 MASL and famously known as Mt.Susong Dalaga because of its resemblance of young lady’s breast. The most utilize trail is the Janosa Trail which will start from Brgy. Janosa, it has a difficulty of 2/9  which is relatively easy compare to the less known Lambac Trail coming from Brgy. Lambac, Cardona Rizal at the opposite side.

At a height of our discussion on prospect mountain that we will climb, we take consideration hat is near and will offer challenge. The only blog that I have seen so far during those time is the story of exaggerated narration about the Lambac trail so I just been curious and recommend it to try. As team leader, I have assembled a team willing to explore since there is no established itinerary for this route. Based on my assessment, I will give a difficulty scale of 3/9 “moderate” for this traverse, eventhough Cardona trail have some precarious part it is relatively short like the Janosa Trail. The climb will cost you at less than 500 pesos


Entry: Lambac, Cardona, Rizal.   Exit: Janosa, Binangonan, Rizal.
tagapo traverse google map

By 6am, we have assembled at Shaw Blvd in front of Starmall where the fx having terminal here. The fare is 50 pesos and ask the fx driver to unload you at the tricycle loading area going to Binangonan Port. Once you arrived here, ask your tricycle driver to drop you at the Ferry Station, it is near the market and nearby is Jolibee where you can have breakfast, we just paid 10 pesos. We wait for the ferry bound tp Lambac, Cardona, Rizal. The ferry ride will only leave upon the passenger become full and it will take you more than an hour since the ferry boat will encircle the island and drop the passenger on their respective port. On your way, you will have a full glance of Laguna de Bay and from the distance is Talim Island. The travel time of boat is more than an hour. By the way, dont forget to have earplug because the motor of the boat is too noisy.

Around 9:15AM when we have unboarded the boat and look for the Barangay Hall to register. We didn’t hire guide as we will attempt to look for the access route.

Docking at Lambac Port
Binangonan port
At first we planned to explore Mt.Tagapo by not hiring guide but later part we realize that it is very needed because the trail is really confusing and there is a lot of forks. We have already lost on the middle of the jungle while we are making exploration ended up on the bamboo plantation where there is branches that have thorns and it is obstructing your way while some of the dead branch punctured my sandals. After more than 2 hrs we finally made decision to retreat back again at the Brgy. hall of Lambac and asked somebody to guide us. While waiting for our guide, we ate halo halo along the main road.

Our guide arrived at 2PM and agreed  to pay 300 but he had condition that he can lead us up to the peak only but once we reached that point and we will spearhead on our way down to janosa trail and he will return to his house at Lambac. The first part of the trail is open paved road but continuously upward for about 30-45minutes and at the end of the cemented path there is 3 forks here. This is the entrance to the jungle. The jungle to peak is just an hour. Beware that there is some mining hole along the way for which some local believe there were hidden treasure underneath. The 2nd part of trail is the steep loose and barren soil part inclined by 45 degrees and having a 30m vertical height in length. Be cautious wrong move will make you roll continuously on the slope. Amazingly our guide doesn’t mind crossing without hesitation of fear while he was assisting our girl companion because the two of us can’t aid her since both of us were crawling and used the few herb as our handhold. I believe crossing this part is impossible when it rains or get wet so I suggest to secure rope for this part. After few minutes, you will emerge again in the forest and last assault is the rock climbing below the summit. In just 1.5hrs we managed to reached the peak via this difficult trail, marked by open hole. The photos below is the 180 degrees opposite trail of Janosa trail


tagapo summit 3 tagapo summit tagapo summit1 tagapo summit2 tagapo summit4 tagapo summit5We spent the night and decided to have camp at the summit tentless because we have failed to do it in dayhike due to failed exploration that requiring us to back trail. From the grassland summit, the view is spectacular overview of Laguna de bay, Mt.Sembrano, Mt.Cristobal and Mt.Makiling is highly visible and as far as Arayat but faint one. Throughout the night we can’t sleep because of annoying sound of Mosquito murmuring into your ear. Be cautious on this mine hole that became a trash pit because of undisciplined campers.ImageThe descend via Janosa Trail is very easy as the ribbon plastic were already scattered along the trail that will serve as your lead to jump off.
Janosa Trail
tagapo janosa
After an hour you will reach some housing unit, the trail is straight forward and more often that there will be climber that you will encounter along the Janosa Trail over the weekend. The jump off at Janosa is the church.You may ask local for direction going to Janosa ferry boat which will require you to have tricycle ride from the road.

Suggested Itinerary for dayhike, just modified for an overnight

5AM – Assemble at StarMall shaw blvd, look for UV Van to Binangonan Triangle (50 pesos each)
6AM – ETD Shaw
7AM – ETA Binangonan Triangle (take tricycle going to ferry pier) pay 10pesos each
7:15AM – ETA Binangonan Pier, take breakfast at Market
8AM – Alight at ferry boat going to Lambac (50 pesos each)
9:15AM – ETA Lambac Pier (heads to Brgy. Hall and secure permit 10 pesos each)
10AM – Start Trek (depending on your speed and number of participants)
11AM to 1PM – ETA Peak
1:30PM Start Descend
3:30PM ETA Janosa Jump off (take trike going to Janosa Pier)
5PM- ETA Binangonan pier, alight tricycle 10 pesos each. Ask driver to drop you at the terminal of UV van to Manila (van 50 pesos each)
6:30PM ETA Shaw blvd


  • Watersource: No
  • Limatik Presence: No
  • Guide: Optional but you may ask on the local there that may guide you

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